How do I go about applying for a small business loan?

Query by MLRatyahoo: How do I go about applying for a tiny business loan?
-I am 22 yrs previous.

***Am I also young to be authorized for a business loan?

-I am about $ 4000 in debt (from medical costs only) but I have little month-to-month payment plans that I’m trying to keep up with.

***If you can demonstrate that you are paying your debts off and that they are only health care related—can you still be approved for a small company mortgage?

***What is the minimum quantity they usually give for a tiny enterprise loan? What is the normal sum?

***When applying for a single, do you use in individual, or on paper? Do you have a chance to indicate your company options to the bank? Simply because I want them to know how lucrative it will be, and how quickly I’d be capable to shell out the mortgage back.

Essentially what I am asking in all of this is:
Is applying for a modest company mortgage quite black and white, or does it all count on if they have confidence in that your enterprise, exclusively, will be productive ample to pay out back again the loan?

***********Also: Any guidelines?

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Answer by kavicarter
Just curious, what sort of enterprise do you strategy on opening? Since I am the exact same age and searching to open my personal company as properly, but not certain what I want to do. Many thanks.

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