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Yo Momma jokes Official song & Music Video “Joe Momma” [HQ/HD]

This is a song that consists of yo momma jokes from beginning to end! I leased the beat from Corporatethief at Lyrics: joe momma needs 2 plane tickets for her vacation came out of a haunted house with a job application bought a brain with a quarter to become a sorter to put M&Ms in alphabetical order jenny and craig are dead cuz she ate them wipe the apron she prolly thought they were bacon on a merry go round she hogs the whole ride dont need the internet shes already worldwide her flabs look like pitbulls, her ass causes ripples joe mommas so hairy she has afros on her nipples explain these to her if she dont undertand joe mommas so fat her nickname is DAMN! the only way she gets money is on hot days ceriouslay its when she sells shade she left the house in high heels imagine that by the time she came back theyve turned into flats she turns around only once per year oh yeah i heard her favorite color is clear offered her a diet hoping shed give in she said not by the hair on my 36 chins joe mommas so fat she has to wake up in sections and she blocks the wifi of my internet connections I climbed her one day my ears popped in the clouds she jumped in the pool and the water jumped out its your fault shes poor get financial help eatin cereal with forks just to save the milk with that kinda age comes all them wrinkles shes so effin ugly she scares blind people when she walked by the tv couldnt take no more i missed 3 episodes of jersey shore when it comes


Halo (Hello) Guys! I wasn’t sure about dubbing this trailer at first, but then I started and it turned out not too shabby! Somehow, I was able to just come up with so many jokes for this one! It must have been because I haven’t made a video in a while and I had build up on jokes. ;D Anyways, (if you watched the video I uploaded before this) this isn’t the big thing I was referring to in that video. This is just me being bored on a weekend, chillin with peeps and making smiles. :3 Enjoy guys. FAV RATE SUB IF YOU LUV!! Sonic isn’t owned by me, Sonic The Hedgehog is property of SEGA along with everything else seen in this video. Besides the voice work and subtitles. That belongs to me! PS “Awesome Points” go to people who know where the two references Jet makes, come from. PSS Big thanks to FireGXLOL for voicing Wave in this video!
Video Rating: 4 / 5