Konglish Jokes

A video about Konglish puns. Though many Koreans may find them cheesy, those who have an intermediate grasp of both English and Korean will probably find these quite entertaining. Konglish jokes in order of appearance: What do you call a 5 year old onion? o-nyeon 오년 Korean meaning = 5 years What do you call a motorcycle that you can’t ride? Mot-tah-sa-i-k’eul 못타사이클 Korean meaning = can’t-ride-bike What did the bus driver say to the egg? Kye-ran 계란 Korean meaning = egg Sounds like “get on” What do you call a big tissue? Hyu-chi 휴지 Korean meaning = tissue Sounds like Konglish pronunciation of “huge” What is a vampire’s favorite drink? K’o-p’i 코피 Korean meaning = coffee or nose bleed Which country has 4 arms? Ne-pal 네팔 Korean meaning = 4 arms What food do you get when you mix a cow, a bird and a mouse? So-sae-chwi 소새쥐 Korean meaning = cow-bird-mouse Sounds like sausage (aka. mystery meat) What do you call a cute guy with no ears? kwi-op-da 귀없다 Korean meaning = Cute or no ears What did the bread say when it hit the wall? ppang ë¹µ Korean meaning = bread Sounds like “bang” What is a grandfather’s favorite type of money? Hal-mo-ni 할머니 Korean meaning = grandmother Enjoy! ps I’m not Korean so I apologize if i made any pronunciation or grammar mistakes. I’m working on it. =)

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