Ron Paul: 13th Amendment bans income tax

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  1. Occupy the Private Federal Reserve starts this Friday!

    Don’t just protest wall street, protest the root of all of our financial problems for the last 100 years. Research the federal reserve act of 1913 and the fact that the thirteenth amendment to the constitution was never ratified into law. Woodrow Wilson said by signing the law he in effect doomed the future of this nation. Our entire financial system is based on this fraud.

  2. Hey there! Have you tried the intellitus cash system (do a google search)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin made lots of money with it.

  3. I would certainly support efforts that encouraged BG to pay his workers more, especially those in the 3rd world. And efforts in general that encouraged capitalists to stop treating human beings, their lives and liveliehoods as nothing more than commodities.
    Why shouldn’t working people bring their power to bear? And you derisively characterize that power as “torches or pitchforks”, but what you really mean is solidarity. Nice euphamism/red herring.

  4. I’d go to Cuba to check out their vintage fleet of 1950s automobiles. It’s hard to make a functioning economy when you’ve been punitively embargoed by the biggest economic force in the world for 60 years.
    People can get rich, people can be middle class here in America. But they’re not in charge. The elite aristocracy of plutocrats are running the show.
    Cuba make the mistake of trying to throw the bastards out, and 6 decades later theyre still paying for it.

  5. So what do you suggest? Shall we force run to Bill Gates house with torches and pitch forks and demand he pays workers more and all the while he’d better keep up the performance and ingenuity or else!?

  6. So are you not going to reply to anything else I said? Who are these Mega elite rich capital elitists? My employer is a middle class guy who owns a few businesses. In fact I don’t know anyone who works for mega rich elitist. I can walk out on my job, I can go start a business if I want to, It’s my choice. I think you would like Cuba. You should see if they’ll take you. They make sure workers are all treated equally. How are the rich plundering wealth from the poor?

  7. I guess I don’t understand the “bite the hand that feeds” mentality either. Why exactly do the elite capitalist investor class and their apologists insist on raping the same people they derive (i.e. steal/plunder) their wealth from?

    A. because they have arranged society so they can
    B. because their insatiable greed cannot be quenched
    C. because they will never willingly relinquish their wealth or power
    D. all of the above

  8. I got news for you buddy, we live in the same world. The American is getting whatever deal they have agreed to. No one has a gun to their head and is making them work. I don’t understand the bite the hand the feeds mentality. The American worker has a boss, if they want to work for that boss then there is a contractual agreement that must take place. If they don’t like it they can leave! Or they can go get more training, more schooling, and make themselves worth more money.

  9. Robbing you of your labor lol? Wow you can’t make that propaganda up. Do you have like a Michael Moore’s handbook for combatting the capitalist? I love your two options, being destitute or become a wage slave. Do you really think there are no other options? Shall we force the rich capitalists to pay us more? That will only drive the prices up and inflate the dollar, Shall we demand they give us their money? then who is the robber? Shall we demand they provide us better jobs?

  10. Anyway … nothing is accomplished by magic wand waving. There’s no question that wall street, the banks, the international corporations, the capitalists and their cronies in DC (both parties) are extorting and stealing trillions from the american public … and just outright plundering the rest of the world.
    But the truth is … we have more freedom and opportunity than most people in the history of the world ever had. It’s just a matter of utilizing that and bringing it to bear.

  11. You could move to Africa and live like a tribesman or a somali pirate if you wanted to. Or move to some small island in Polynesia where the girls wear nothing but tiny grass skirts. The only thing that’s stopping you is …. you.
    Yeah this country is plenty messed up. Yeah the top 5% of the wealthy elite are screwing the rest of us …hard. And yeah a non violent revolution probably is necessary to make things better. ….. But that doesn’t mean you’re a slave!

  12. I guess I can wave my magic wand and change my life situation just like that ! Are you deranged ?
    We as a whole country are in a situation this isn’t some kind of singleton type event or isolated event .We are being taken to the fucking cleaners what are you smoking ? We are are fucked if we don’t pull together and back the abolishment of the Fed and the income tax. Our country needs a revolution desperately !!!

  13. Comparing our current situation to the plight of chattel slaves is a bit over the top don’t you think? No, we’re not slaves … we’re more like semi-voluntary indentured servants. If you don’t like your life situation you can change it. Slaves can’t do that.
    I pretty much agree with you about the Fed .. it probably should be abolished. I don’t understand how you came to the conclusion that taxation is illegal tho.

  14. We are all enslaved right now to a system we didn’t vote for. I don’t care how many states ratified our constitution and forced the income tax on us It is still illegal as far as I am concerned and if you read the constitution it will become clear to you aswell. Not one cent of income tax goes back to Americans it goes striaght to the FED. wich is a private banking company Thats Illegal !!!! We are all born into debt by design = indentured servitude.

  15. You’re boring me to death with the tough-guy talk already. I don’t really give a shit that you’re a primal brute. Congratulations! So what?
    You’re like a goddamn neanderthal telling people that if they don’t think the way you like, or speak the way you want them to you’re gonna “remove” them. Jesus Christ! You can’t even take a little constructive criticism? You feel a little insecure when someone tells you your political ideology is bullshit? Grow some thicker skin!

  16. When you vehemently attack someone this is what you want. It’s common sense. You either respect people or they remove you. You may get out of it with just a brawl but if you keep at it somebody will die. That’s life buddy. Of course a person with your level of maturity thinks Mom and Dad will just resolve everything forever. You’re real with your family and friends but you better be prepared to back yourself up with strangers. Only cowards attack people here.

  17. ‘You want someone to kill you” … nice threat? lol! If my political posts are enough to drive you into a murderous rage then seriously, you need to immediately go get your head checked.
    You’re incoherent.

  18. lol … you can spare me the internet tough guy routine. I’m sure you’re very macho and all that … but resorting to empty threats of violence when someone refutes your argument point by point … that’s just classless. There’s no need to act like a goon. You can do better.
    I suggest you re-think your world view and political ideology. Take it beyond mindless repetition of empty platitudes.

  19. Fuck you. If you were in the room you’d be on the floor. Closed minded fools like you bring us all down. You are not God and your position isn’t divine. It’s ignorant. Treat people like people. Of course force is the basis for societies. It’s how nations are protected. But within the nation force is not a benefit it tears it apart. All Americans understood that. That’s common sense. Families don’t fight each other. That is what a nation is.

  20. Speak for yourself I’m trying to be nice why do you want to instigate people? You want someone to kill you? You’re probably about 13 and can’t think for yourself but c’mon man treating people like shit is gonna make them treat you like shit. You want me to go into the fundamentals of societal structure? I’m not going to waste my time on a message board. If you can’t respect my freedom and label anyone different from you as mentally debilitated then you are a sad case indeed.

  21. That firework clip reminded me of my hal playing days..Team rockets on the pit…i wasn’t too good.

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